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Quality Assurance
All Localized preserve the same quality standards for all translation and DTP projects, thus quality assurance is an essential part of each and every production process.

In general this means that all translations projects are done using native speaker of the target language and reviewed by a second linguist either translated 'in-house' or by another external translator.

We take pride in delivering exceptional high quality translation services our translation QA procedures cover the following aspects:

1. Use of correct terminology

2. Use of appropriate style and tone

3. Grammatical accuracy

4. Consistency of terms

5. Correct interpretation of context

6. Instructions have been followed accurately

7. Checking of the format and layout

8. Using the translation memory provided to maintain consistency

All QA processes are documented and available to every employee at All Localized.

Also we perform Quality checks on any DTP project we do. However, we can provide this service as a standalone service for the customers whom wants high quality output.

DTP Quality Check

Our cycle includes the following:

1. We compare target files against the source to ensure consistency in layout, fonts, paragraph spacing, etc.

2. We ensure that every image is placed in place, and localized (if needed).

3. We pay attention to language specific issues like punctuation, special characters, direction of text, etc.

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