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About Us
Welcome to All Localized. Your Localization Services Partner.

All Localized is a leading localization company established in 2008 to provide prompt and cost-effective language solutions, and our company made up of experienced linguistic and technical professionals.

Today we are a premier translation, localization, and desktop publishing services company in the Middle East and Africa. All Localized provides a full range of localization services in about 50 languages.

We provide high quality translation using excellent native translators and modern CAT tools; Our Company also offers desktop publishing, software and website localization as well as graphic editing.

Our Services Philosophy

We are dedicated to service excellence and customer care, independent of the size of the localization project. Your success is also our success, and the client satisfaction is our pride, and along the way we have our own view which preserves our success:

Quality & Timeliness
We set realistic expectations and meet our commitments. Providing high-quality work, on-time is critical to client satisfaction and retention.

We provide visibility into the people, processes and cost-drivers involved in client projects. This enables us to act as an extension of our client’s team and become a trusted partner in achieving client objectives.

We take responsibility for fixing problems in real-time rather than sweeping them under the rug. Through this approach, we continuously improve our organization.

Localization is a people-based service industry. We value our team as our greatest asset and strive to create a working environment where people are happy, motivated and empowered to perform at their best.

Competitive Rates
Due to international financial problems, we take this into consideration. We aim to provide high quality service at very competitive fees

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